Monday, 24 April 2017

Review: Descent

Descent Descent by Katie O'Sullivan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I'd like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book.

I feel absolutely horrible for having to give this book such a low rating but I have to. I just can't justify giving it 3 stars. I was so excited to have this one on my shelves I put aside a couple I was already reading and started this one. I am incredibly disappointed.

The plot? In theory - so, so cool. A teenaged boy finds out that his mother he has never met is a mermaid princess. This could have been Percy Jackson meets The Little Mermaid (two things I adore), but it failed so miserably at being likeable. The execution was just so annoying and immature. Every main character, whether mermaid or human, had the most immature, overly formal, and petulant way of speaking I think I have ever read. Not once did I think "hey, that's the way actual humans speak." Exclamations such as "jumping jellyfish!" in serious situations had me wanting to throw my Kindle. I just don't understand how a story that was so "focused" on a war and murder still had such an incredibly immature feel to it. Maybe if I was 10, I'd be giving this book a bit of a pass.

It is stated repeatedly that the mermaids have to be careful of humans, as they need to stay as secret as possible to stay safe. At the end of the novel the mermaid love interest got upset because Shea (our lead) didn't want to tell his random human friend (a friend who is visiting who in no way, shape, or form had anything to do with any of the mermaid stuff) about his newfound merman status because he must be embarrassed of her. This basically sums up my issues with the book. Not actual conflict. Isn't needed. Doesn't quite make sense.

As much as I dislike this one, I still somehow find myself feeling bad for disliking it. I really wanted to like it. I didn't. I'm honestly not going to recommend this one.

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